Vegetarian Cooking For Winter

What can vegetarians eat to stay warm in winter? We hear so much about the warming qualities of animal foods, particularly in soups or stews made with bone broth. Nevertheless, there are good reasons for vegetarian eating, so what can a vegetarian do to support warmth without the easy yang qi of animal food? To understand skillful vegetarian eating for winter we need to understand winter energetically and eat foods that match and support those qualities. Winter is, naturally speaking, a time when the sun rises late and sets early, temperatures drop, and depending upon the climate, the air is either damp and chilling or very cold and bone dry. It is a time for relative quiet, introspecti

Winter Eating to Keep Warm

I’ve just returned from a couple weeks in Paris (playing concerts, seeing art, eating food). It was winter in Paris—a bit rainy, damp, not quite freezing—in a word, it can be bone chilling, especially during the long walks required by the beauty of that city. Now we’re back in New York, back to a historically cold winter—much colder and much drier than Paris. Between the two cities and the two very different types of winter chill, I’ve been thinking how important it is to cook for the seasons. As climate change will likely bring more erratic extremes of weather, skill in seasonal cooking is an essential tool for physical comfort, warding off illnesses and avoiding feeling overwhelmed by

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